Date: 04 Jun 2024

Author: SEStran


Workforce Mobility Project’s Bus Driver Recruitment Roadshow offers an opportunity to explore a rewarding path behind the wheel.

The Roadshow is facilitated by the Workforce Mobility Project and the Edinburgh and South-East Scotland City Region Deal. The Roadshow is more than just job discussion – it’s a chance to connect with industry leaders, gain insights into bus operations, and contribute to regional mobility.

Led by the Workforce Mobility Project, this activity is committed to breaking down transportation barriers to employment and education in the region. By supporting the Roadshow, the Workforce Mobility Project aim to empower individuals, combat poverty, and enhance social mobility.

To learn more about the Recruitment Roadshow visit Bus Driver Careers Helix. To stay informed about upcoming Roadshow locations at Bus Driver Careers Roadshows Helix.


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