Date: 18 Mar 2024

Author: SEStran


Do The Ride Thing

E – Pedal Power – Easy Bike Travel For All

SEStran is thrilled to announce its latest active travel, the Do The Ride Thing campaign, launching today.

This campaign is designed to prompt a shift in audience behaviour away from unnecessary car trips, particularly for short distances. Drawing from insights provided by the 2022 Scottish Household Survey, which revealed that 26% of journeys under 1km were conducted by car, our aim is to reverse this trend by promoting e-bikes as practical alternatives for daily tasks like commuting.

Targeting adults aged 18-60 years old with driving experience and some familiarity with biking in particular women aged 40-60 years old, as well as first-time cyclists and those returning to cycling. The campaign’s call to action directs audiences to our revamped website,, where they can access information on e-bike advantages, support options (including adaptive cycles), case studies, regional hire hubs, and safety tips. The campaign’s goal is to persuade people to experience e-bikes first hand through either hire or purchase.

To amplify our message, we are utilising various paid media channels, including social media, display ads, and digital audio platforms. Additionally, our partnership with Bauer Media will see ads and presenter endorsements featured on Forth 1 and Greatest Hits Radio, offering listeners the chance to win a £500 voucher for a local bike shop.

In addition to digital outreach, we’ve organized e-bike events at workplaces across the region, featuring cycling experts who will discuss e-bikes, support options, and offer trial opportunities. These events, hosted by partners such as Endura, Cardona Macdonald Hotel, Scottish Government, and St Andrews University, among others, are targeted towards first-time cyclists and returnees.

Illustrated across a vibrant cartoon landscape are diverse scenes depicting the versatility of biking, showcasing individuals riding various types of e-bikes, including e-bikes, cargo bikes, and adaptive cycles, to complete different types of journeys.

For those interested in learning more about e-bikes, we invite you to visit our website at If you or your organisation would like to support the campaign by sharing the campaign message, please see assets for you on our website

Should you wish to engage further with SEStran on our communication activities, please feel free to reach out to

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