Date: 05 Dec 2023

Author: SEStran


GoSEStran is evolving!

To widen access to our journey planning platform GoSEStran, alongside our key partners, we have launched a dedicated webpage. This page empowers anyone to plan, book, and pay for their  journey, bringing together multiple operators into one convenient online space. Users will still be able to access our app from the Apple App Store & Google Play Store.

Our aim is to empower individuals to plan their travels by providing free access to a spectrum of transport options across the region rather than reliance on a single provider. Promoting informed choices based on journey length, cost, and estimate carbon dioxide emissions among many factors.  

Since GoSEStran launched in 2022, the app has helped  over 3300 users with planning their journeys. And with our new partnership with the University of St Andrews we hope to continue to expand usership. The new webpage has resulted in tailored transport modes and features specifically designed for the university community of St Andrews, greatly enhancing our service across Fife Council.  

SEStran takes pride in presenting this evolution of the GoSEStran project, developed in collaboration with our partners Fuse Mobility, Tactran, East Lothian Council and the University of St Andrews. The project’s funding from Transport Scotland MaaS Investment Fund and Smarter Choices and Smarter Places has been critical in its success. 

As the Regional Transport Partnership in the South East of Scotland, we value the contribution of our partners in providing and expanding these services at the convenience of the public to take more active and informed choices in their journeys.  

Plan your journey now by visiting and experience the convenience first hand! 

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