GoSEStran is a new Mobility as a Service (MaaS) app, which is a journey planning tool around East Lothian.

Mobility as a Service, or MaaS, is a new way of looking at how people get from A to B. Instead of promoting a single form of transport, MaaS focuses on the person making the journey, and gives them all the options for making it. The app allows you to plan your door-to-door journey around East Lothian (and beyond!) and provides the various sustainable travel choices available, showing how long each one takes, the likely cost, and even the predicted CO2 emissions.

The GoSEStran MaaS project is a collaboration led by SEStran and involving Fuse Mobility Ltd., Tactran and East Lothian Council. The project has been funded from Transport Scotland MaaS Investment Fund.

Building on both East Lothian’s physical Journey Hub infrastructure, which groups different modes of transport including rail, bus, taxi, car club, community transport and e-bike hire in Musselburgh, and Tactran’s Enable project which developed similar journey planning apps in Tayside, the GoSEStran mobile app will allow users to plan, book and pay for their journey end to end.

There is also a new Demand Responsive Transport bus service integrated into the GoSEStran app. The new bus service is run by Prentice of Haddington Coaches which does not run to a set timetable, and instead offers a more flexible service to suit the needs of the users and is in partnership with The Routing Company. The new service will run between Haddington, Humbie and Longniddry.

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