The availability of Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI) plays a significant role in increasing bus patronage in both urban and rural areas, improving social inclusion, and improving accessibility to employment opportunities and healthcare. In the South East of Scotland, RTPI is available for the main operators, however SEStran in partnership with operators and Local Authorities have recognised the need to maximise the availability of the real time information for passengers accross the region.

In 2014 SEStran identified and developed a low cost, internet based signing initiative as an alternative to electronic at-stop RTPI signs. The initiative provides digital signs in key public sector locations and commercial premises across the region. Typical sites include hospitals, libraries, shopping centres and sport centres. This has provided SEStran with an ongoing revenue stream to support and expand the BusTrackerSEStran system across the region. This initiative builds on previous investment and increases network coverage of the BustrackerSEStran system. It will improve the quality, reliability, accessibility and perception of public transport by making live bus information available to many more passengers across the region.

The rural and sparse population of the SEStran area outwith Edinburgh causes bus services to be generally less frequent than those in Edinburgh. It can be argued that the marginal impact of missing a bus in an area with frequent buses is less than the impact of missing a bus in an area with a lower level of service. With the aim of improving the availability of information, and therefore the reliability of services, SEStran is aiming to expand the existing RTPI system to include smaller bus operators who predominately operate in rural areas. Through identifying relevant funding streams, SEStran is working to upgrade ticket machines on predominately rural services. This will both enable RTPI capabilities and prepare the services for smart ticketing developments. Coupled with the increase in SEStran’s RTPI signage, bus travel in the South East of Scotland has never been easier.

More recently SEStran has worked with the City of Edinburgh Council and Journeo to develop and launch a new, common regional RTPI system that will improve the information provided in the public-facing regional screen network incorporating multiple transport operator (bus, rail & tram) data and scheduled

The new system went live in December 2021 with operator data being integrated over the following months. SEStran received funding from Transport Scotland to update the existing RTPI screen system with new PCs so that the new system will operate and integrate with other systems more efficiently. The rollout of these new PCs with the new software started in February 2022 and will continue in 2022.

SEStran is also working with partner local authorities to place new on street signage across the region, again working with the contractor Journeo

For more information please download the below or contact Keith Fisken at SEStran 0131 524 5150.