Shared Mobility Solutions for a Liveable and Low-Carbon North Sea Region

The Interreg North Sea Region programme supports transnational partnerships to address some of the most important challenges facing the area. SHARE North, which began in December 2015, falls under the ‘Green Mobility and Transport’ theme which aims to develop innovations to reduce emissions, improve air quality and relieve congestion which threatens the efficient flow of goods and people around the region and beyond.

The Interreg North Sea Region Project ‘SHARE North: Shared Mobility Solutions for a Liveable and Low-Carbon North Sea Region’ involves nine European partners and includes activities for developing, implementing, promoting and assessing car sharing, bike sharing, car clubs and other forms of shared mobility in urban and rural areas and employment clusters. The planned living labs will integrate modern technology with activities to support changes in mobility behaviour. The SHARE North partners are as follows:

  • The City of Bremen, Germany (Lead Partner)
  • Advier, The Netherlands
  •, Belgium
  • City of Bergen, Norway
  • Leiedal, Belgium
  • Lund University, Sweden
  • Taxistop, Belgium
  • West Yorkshire Combined Authority, England
  • Invited expert: The Mobility Academy, Switzerland

The objectives of the project are resource efficiency, improving accessibility, increased efficiency in the use of transport infrastructure, reduction of space consumption for transport, improving quality of life and low carbon transport.

SEStran’s role in the project has involved joint working with Enterprise Car Club and Edinburgh College along with other organisations to address Electric Vehicle (EV) use in the region, the promotion of ridesharing, and the adoption of Mobility Hubs in the South East of Scotland, enhancing the public realm whilst promoting shared mobility (car clubs and bike-share) in combination with public transport. SEStran is also contributing to the coordination and development of a shared mobility manual for local governments and municipalities across Europe.