Funded (100%) under the Horizon 2020 programme until December 2017, Social Car aims to integrate public transport information, car-pooling and crowd sourced data in order to provide a single source of information for the traveller to compare multiple options/services. This will be achieved through the development of algorithms and the integration of ‘big data’ related to public transport, carpooling and crowd sourcing in order to provide the final user with a simplified travel experience.

Allowing comparison and choice between multiple options/services, SocialCar will take advantage Social Media to communicate, share information and provide notifications to travellers. The project aims to capitalise on a pan European team with a background in social, psychological and economic sciences. The involvement of 10 European urban sites will prove the concept, validity and business case.

SocialCar Objectives:

  • Contribute to the EU2020 targets on energy efficiency and renewable energy sources reducing congestion by improving and maximising connectivity and information
  • Overcoming the limitations of current carpooling practices moving from long trips to effective urban and peri-urban use
  • Validate green driving support systems, active management based on European GNSS (global navigation satellite system)
  • Identify suitable ‘big data’ management architecture for integrating mobility data
  • Produce a city-based open integrated mobility repository of public transport and traffic city-based data