SEStran (South East Scotland Transport Partnership) appointed Scott Wilson to carry out a high-level evaluation of potential options for a Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) system in the first instance, which could be upgraded in the longer term to Light Rail Transport (LRT) system, linking into the new crossing of the Forth Estuary in the Queensferry Area. The study area for this appraisal is the Dunfermline area, which includes Dunfermline and the surrounding Bridgehead, Inverkeithing, Rosyth including Rosyth Port and links across the Forth. This area falls within the “Queensferry” corridor, characterised by high volumes of commuter tidal flow between the Dunfermline area (and its hinterland) and Edinburgh. This report sets out the results obtained on the relative merits of both a new BRT and a new LRT system linking the area.

Dunfermline BRT & LRT Project - Final Study Report (Final Ve