Date: 03 May 2017

Author: SEStran


The South East of Scotland Transport Partnership 2017/18 Business Plan has been released outlining how SEStran will continue the journey focused on the development of a transportation system for South East Scotland that will enable business to function effectively and provide everyone living in the region with improved access to healthcare, education, public services and employment opportunities.

The business plan will co-ordinate delivery of travel and transport projects over the next 12 months and work to get more partners “on board” with the proposed key priorities for the South East of Scotland’s transport network. Whether that’s walking, delivering goods, getting on your bus or bike, catching the train or driving your car and sharing your journey with others.

Over the next year, we are aiming to continue our journey towards making the South East of Scotland transport network as efficient, effective and equitable as possible and deliver a sustainable transport vision for the region. To do this SEStran will focus on our existing projects and partners including Transport Scotland, Sustrans, Cycling Scotland and Young Scot. The current focus does not preclude SEStran from exploring new opportunities and SEStran will always welcome discussions with new or returning partners.

SEStran have outlined 10 key priority actions published in full within the 2017-18 plan with some aspirational targets to seek to challenge ourselves on our journey, for example by April 2018 we aim to:

  • Increase the number of users on our car sharing platform TripShare to 9000
  • Get more people cycling and walking, with a 10% increase in uptake of Play on Pedals in nurseries, and by having in place
  • 25 Cycle Friendly Schools and 10 Cycle Friendly Employers
  • Expand the network of Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI) screens to 280 installed throughout the region.
  • Increase awareness of our Thistle Card program with a target of 500 downloads of the new app.

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