Date: 13 Jan 2021

Author: SEStran


This report details progress made against the 2019-20 annual delivery plan for Scotland’s ten-year Accessible Travel Framework. The report has been published online, along with an easy read version.

Despite the impact on this work by the COVID-19 pandemic, progress has been made in a number of areas. The Scottish Government’s vision that all disabled people can travel with the same freedom, choice, dignity, and opportunity as other citizens, remains the guiding principle. The COVID-19 pandemic has not changed that although it may have changed what it looks like in practice, and how we will achieve it in the coming years.

SEStran and the other Regional Transport Partnerships have been proud to contribute in areas like the development of the Thistle Assistance Programme and the Hate Crime Charter and look forward to progressing the work with partners and stakeholders over the coming months and years.

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