SEStran is pleased to present the Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) Strategic Study, which was funded through the Transport Scotland Low Emission Zone (LEZ) Public Transport Provision Fund.

The Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) Strategic Study is a strategic review of DRT services in the SEStran area. Various challenges and opportunities for the DRT sector have been identified and the study also developed options to increase the resilience of DRT services and encourage innovation and service development. The study will help inform the emerging RTS and SEStran’s key projects.

SEStran would like to thank the various people that were involved during the stakeholder engagement and for their input to this study. SEStran is looking forward to continuing the discussions around promoting DRT in the region.

Appendix A – SEStran DRT TRACC output summary v1

Appendix B – Stakeholder Engagement Topics

SEStran Strategic Demand Responsive Transport Study (easy to read)

SEStran Demand Responsive Transport Strategic Study - Final Report