Date: 03 Nov 2016

Author: SEStran


The Annual report for the South-East of Scotland Transport Partnership covering the 2015/16 financial year is published here.

The report details the partnership’s work on several European projects and work closer to home with a number of stakeholders across the South-East of Scotland including our work to expand the Real-Time Passenger Information system across the region, make travel more accessible for all through our development of the Thistle Card, oversee continued growth of our trip-sharing website and also engage children and young people in active travel planning across the area.

The annual report also documents that 2015/16 was a time of change at SESTRAN with long-standing Chair Russell Imrie stepping down and Director Alex Macaulay retiring

Cllr Lesley Hind’s SESTRAN’s Chair commented: “Last year was a year of change, albeit also a year of continued delivery for SEStran across a number of key projects highlighted within the Annual Report.

Looking forward, and in the context of the City Deal and other agendas, I see a clear opportunity for SEStran to play its part in delivering inclusive growth of the South East of Scotland in the coming years.

I thank all of those who have worked with us over the past year and I look forward to continuing working together over the next year which will be a time of fundamental change for the partnership.”

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