The South East of Scotland Transport Partnership is launching a regional e-bike program; GO e-Bike with the aim of increasing usage and awareness of power-assisted cycling across the South East of Scotland and beyond. GO e-Bikes launches with 5 different projects in St. Andrew’s, Buckhaven, West Lothian and Falkirk and will also be encouraging employers to get involved with a ‘Try a GO e-Bike Roadshow’. GO e-Bike aims to promote a healthier more active population, reduce inequalities in our communities and improve our environment.

Through its Programme for Government 2017/18, the Scottish Government is ‘stepping up promotion of the use of electric bicycles to ensure as many people as possible can benefit from active travel’. SEStran is helping to deliver on this vision with support from European programme funding by SHARE-North, Interreg North Sea Region.

SEStran is working with Bike Plus to help deliver GO e-Bike across the South East of Scotland. Bike Plus has an amazing track record of delivering bike sharing projects. Bike Plus will be helping to set up and promote the GO e-Bike hubs with local area partners.

With the successful launch of the first 5 projects, SEStran will be working over the next 18 months with other potential partners to increase the GO e-Bike footprint delivering more hubs across the South East of Scotland and encouraging more people to get on their GO e-Bike!

To find out more please download our GO E Bikes Intro