Project History

Throughout the development of the SEStran 2035 Regional Transport Strategy, we provided updates and information at a dedicate page within the ‘Project’ area of our website. On completion of the strategy document, which can be viewed here, we closed the project page, instead providing all relevant information and links below.


SEStran have commenced the development of a new Regional Transport Strategy (RTS) for the South east of Scotland Region and have appointed Stantec UK Ltd to provide consultancy support in its development.
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Development of a new RTS

There is a process to be followed to ensure that appropriate consultation and necessary statutory assessments are undertaken. Further detail on the process and key stages is available.
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Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)

SEStran has as statutory duty to undertake a SEA as it develops the new Regional Transport Strategy. More information on how we will meet this duty is available.

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Equalities Impact Assessment

SEStran also has as statutory duty to undertake an Equalities Impact Assessment and consider a number of other equalities duties as it develops the new Regional Transport Strategy. More information on how we will meet this duty is available.

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Consultation – Engagement Strategy

A consultation strategy has been identified and details of this and the consultation timescales is available.
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RTS Case for Change

The STAG Case for Change stage of the RTS development is now completed and the report is available to download below. The associated Equalities Duties Report and SEA environmental Report which have informed the development of the STAG case for Change are also avaible to download.

SEStran RTS Case for Change v3.3

SEStran RTS Case for Change Equalities Duties Report FINAL

SEStran RTS Case for Change SEA Environmental Report FINAL

RTS STAG Preliminary Options Appraisal

The Preliminary Options Appraisal stage considers the work reported in the Case for Change in accordance with Scottish Transport Appraisal Guidance and developing further the initial options identified in discussion with stakeholders and local authority partners. This stage of the RTS concluded with the final report published in September 2021. This final stage before drafting the RTS and identifies the main themes that should be considered for inclusion within the draft RTS. The report is accessed from the link below.

SEStran RTS STAG Preliminary Options Appraisal Report v1.3

Statutory Consultation on Draft Regional Transport Strategy

The draft RTS and supporting statutory assessment were approved by the SEStran Partnership Board in October 2021. Statutory advertising of the publication of the draft Strategy together with associated documents, including an Environmental Report (ER) and an ER Non-Technical Summary (NTS) took place on Tuesday 16 November 2021 and lasted until 11 February 2022. Relevant documents are below.

SEStran Draft RTS 2022 – 2035

SEStran Draft RTS Environmental Report Non Technical Summary

Draft RTS SEA Environmental Report

Draft RTS Equalities Duties Summary Report

Draft RTS Equalities Impact Assessment

Draft RTS Fairer Scotland Duty Assessment

Draft SEStran RTS Child Rights and Wellbeing Impact Assessment (CRWIA)

SEStran 2035 Final Draft

On 23 September 2022 the SEStran Partnership Board approved the final version of the Regional Transport Strategy and agreed it should be sent to Scottish Ministers for approval.

The final version of SEStran 2035 can be accessed via the link below and the supporting reports including the Statutory Consultation, Strategic Environmental and Equalities Consultation Reports can also be accessed below.

SEStran 2035 Final Draft

Statutory Consultation Report

Strategic Environmental Assessment Consultation Report

Equalities Impact Assessment Consultation Report