Date: 12 Feb 2024

Author: SEStran


Invitation for submissions to the Public Consultation for the Learning Disabilities, Autism and Neurodivergence Bill

SEStran proudly endorses and supports the ongoing Public Consultation for the Learning Disabilities, Autism, and Neurodivergence (LDAN) Bill by the Scottish Government. We extend a invitation to members of the Scottish disabled community, carers, and those affiliated with Disability or Neurodivergent colleague networks to participate in shaping the future of inclusivity.

Recognising the uniqueness and potential of individuals with learning disabilities and neurodivergence, SEStran acknowledges the hurdles that continue to persist in transport restricting access to various aspects of their lives, such as employment, education, health care and socialising.

Despite these challenges, SEStran is proud to continue to lead the delivery of Thistle Assistance Card, an initiative designed to aid individuals with hidden disabilities, encompassing neurodivergence and learning disabilities. This card and app enable transport operators to identify individuals requiring additional support. As we actively work towards addressing these challenges through our Regional Transport Strategy 2035, we firmly believe that ongoing advocacy and the collection of lived experiences are paramount.

SEStran supports and encourages engagement in the Public Consultation for the LDAN Bill.  The consultation document includes Easy Read documents for each section, audio files, British Sign Language (BSL) videos with subtitles, and child-friendly/adult guides to ensure that all individuals can effectively participate and contribute.

For those seeking further information or wishing to connect with a member of the Lived Experience Panel, please reach out to or contact the Scottish Government’s Neurodivergence and Learning Disabilities Team.

To access the comprehensive consultation document in various formats and actively participate in shaping a more inclusive future, please visit: LDAN Bill.

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