Participation Requests

Participation Requests help a community group to begin dialogue with SEStran about improving local issues and local services.

We welcome Participation Requests from local community groups who believe they could help SEStran to better deliver outcomes to lead to the development of a transport system which will provide improved access to healthcare, public services, education and employment opportunities.

Can my group make a Participation Request?

To make a Participation Request under the terms of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015, a community group has to be a community controlled body.  Your Constitution/Articles of Association should include:

  • a definition of the community to which it relates
  • a provision that the majority of members of the group are members of that community
  • a provision that the group is open and controlled by members of that community
  • the aims and purposes of the group, including the promotion of a benefit for that community
  • a provision that the funds and assets of the group are to be used for the benefit of that community

However, you do not have to have a constitution or Articles of Association as long as you can show that you are a community controlled body with similar features to a community controlled body described above.

How do we make the Participation Request

You can start the process by completing the enquiry form below, or by phoning us and saying that you would like to make a Participation Request.  Before you contact us, you should already have thought through the sort of change you think your group can help with, who you think will benefit and what difference your group can make to the process of change that you are looking for.

Who do we speak to for help with Participation Requests?

SEStran is happy to discuss your Participation Requests informally before you make a formal request or if you would like help to formulate your request. Please contact us using the details below:

For further information contact

SEStran, Area 3D (Bridge), Victoria Quay, Edinburgh, EH6 6QQ
or email:

Forms and Guidance

SEStran Participation Requests Toolkit

SEStran Participation Requests Application Form

SEStran Participation Request – Organisation Response Form

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