Date: 24 Mar 2021

Author: SEStran


SEStran is pleased to announce that the Hate Crime Charter is being launched today and is being rolled out via social media networks of transport providers and partners. The campaign is intended to reach all transport providers in Scotland and their passengers, communicating the importance of recognising incidents of hate crime and reporting these, which can be done anonymously.

About the Hate Crime Charter

The Scottish Government’s 10-year plan for improving public transport for disabled people includes the outcome that ‘All people using public transport networks have the right to be free from hate crime, prejudice, bullying or harassment’.

The Scottish Government established an action:

“Agree a hate crime charter with public transport operators which provides clear, common standards and consistent processes for dealing with hate crime on public transport”.

Through partnership working, the Working Group has created a Hate Crime Charter to encourage transport providers, members of the public and other services to support its zero-tolerance approach to all forms of hate crime on public transport.

Full charter on

Jim Grieve, SEStran Partnership Director, said:

“SEStran welcomes the launch of the Hate Crime Charter, because everyone should feel safe to use public transport. The Charter sends a strong message that we do not tolerate hate crime on public transport, or indeed in any walk of life, and encourages everyone to report such incidents. Together we can achieve a more inclusive transport system.”

  • Everyone has the right to travel safely, free from harassment.
  • Targeting someone because of who they are, is wrong.
  • Be tolerant of other passengers.
  • Transport Providers will not tolerate aggressive, bullying or harassing behaviour.
  • If you see anyone being harassed, victimised, or abused, speak to a member of staff – don’t challenge anyone.
  • Reporting Hate Crime can help to stop it.  There are many ways to do this. There is more information at
  • You can report hate crime anonymously.  Find out more at
  • You will be taken seriously. Reporting Hate Crime can help stop it.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Hate Crime Charter or are interested in signing up, pledging your support to tackle hate crime, please contact: Disability Equality Scotland, Email:

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