Date: 23 Sep 2022

Author: SEStran


Photograph of bus and cycle facilities

SEStran hosted the Regio-Mob Exchange of Experience event in Edinburgh from 7th – 8th September. Regio-Mob is funded through ERDF Interreg Europe, and aims to ensure sustainable growth in Europe by promoting sustainable mobility and improving relevant policy instruments. The consortium comprises of six European partners.

The first day of the event involved presentations and discussions between all the attending partners, with a focus on the various good practices that each partner has developed. 22 people attended the event, and it included presentations from guest speakers from Scotland and Italy with an aim to open discussions about public transport interventions during Covid-19 and what the next steps could include.

On day two the partners visited various study sites across Central Edinburgh looking at temporary interventions introduced to support public transport and active travel during the Covid-19 pandemic.

SEStran would like to thank all the participants for their contributions to a successful event. It was a pleasure to welcome the Regio-Mob partners to Edinburgh!

Presentations of Good Practices from the Conference on 7th September:

Edinburgh City Council Public Transport Interventions during Covid-19

Thistle Assistance Card and App

Temporary cycle paths for the restart phase from Covid-19

Strengthening of public transport with 14 new grand tourism lines




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